Team Canada

Predictions, don’t you just love them, I know I do.

Coming this morning around 10:30 am eastern time Hockey Canada will be announcing the Mens 2014 Canadian Olympic Hockey Team. But before we hear the ‘Final Answer’ I would like to, as will other blog sports writers are doing now, throw out their own predictions of who they feel should be or not be on this team.

Hey some players names are no-brainers – Crosby, Toews, Duncan, Doughty – that are automatic picks but you have some players on the bubble as they say. Should be interesting to see who has made and even more interesting to talk about it afterwards, are the players who didn’t make the cut. Let me tell you though, whoever is on this team I wish them well and don’t worry about all the pressure of bringing back a gold medal – ya right, no pressure at all!

Coach Nye’s Picks and reasons.

                    J.BOUWMEESTER- D.DOUGHTY
                    D.BOYLE- S.WEBER
                    A.PIETRANGELO- P.K. SUBBAN
Starting with Luongo, we have to go to a goalie that is proven. I think he will step up when the time comes. If he doesn’t then you go to goalie 1B with Price. He seems to be starting to show he is ready for prime time. Third stringer in my opinion is Crawford. One of the most underrated goalies out there but he does have a couple of cup rings!
Your top 6 d-men are the best in any league. I put Seabrook out there instead of the young kid Viasic. I like Alex P., he is the next in line of a solid two way d-man comparing him to Duncan. As your 8th guy who may steal the show if allowed will be PK Subban.  Big ice a lot of skating, could be the difference maker if needed.
Top three lines a solid core no doubt. What I like about the fourth and extras is that they can be moved into any spot and with any line without missing a beat. I might be short changing ourselves without having some extra experience (Thornton or Nash) but they have lost a step so in with the young now.
Throw us a comment and lets hear your predictions before 10:30 am this morning.
Until next time.
See you after the game,
Coach Nye