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Sorry for being a little late with our update this week but have been watching some minor hockey and little ‘TimBits’ play and was laughing so much 🙂

So here you go, some very interesting things Happenings in the World of Hockey, enjoy!

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Coach Nye


FOX Business Network to feature CEO of Ann Arbor-

developed Air-Blade Extreme Hockey.

By Jeremy Allen | jallen42@mlive.com 

Air hockey

Ann Arbor businessman Mark Sendo received international media attention following the reveal of his new extreme hockey sport AirBlade.

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Russian hockey stars including Fetisov, Bure to play on

ice of world’s largest lake.

20 March

Ìåñòî èñòîêà Àíãàðû èç Áàéêàëà

Russian hockey veterans will meet March 29 with an amateur team from Eastern Siberia. Baikal Lake was chosen for match. Hockey players enter the ice near the village of Listvyanka, where the depth is more than 1 kilometer, organizers report.

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Columbus Cottonmouths goalie Andrew Loewen dances to ‘Wobble Baby’ by V.I.C. in full pads, with the team’s cheerleaders and mascot


A Night at the Hockey Hall of Fame

By Sherry Jean, Posted on March 18, 2014


Hockey fans know what a special place the Hockey Hall of Fame is. From its beautiful architecture to its various relics and artifacts, it’s truly an outstanding venue and a must-see destination for every hockey fan. Last week, the Marlies season seat holders got to experience the venue and all it had to offer while spending the evening with the members of the Toronto Marlies.

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Hockey Blog in Canada

JOURNEYMAN – Book Review


I wish I had more time to get more reading done since there are a ton of older books on hockey that I’d like to read. Alas, time waits for no man, I’ve been told, so I’ll make due with what I have. Thankfully, time has allowed me to squeeze in a fantastic book for Teebz’s Book Club today. Teebz’s Book Club is proud to review Journeyman, written by Sean Pronger and Dan Murphy.

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Hockey ref, goalie nearly join fan brawl as father is


By  March 20, 2014


One of a referee’s toughest duties is getting in the middle of flying fists on the ice to break up a fight. But in a game in the Netherlands last weekend, one referee nearly joined a fight in the stands.



Ageless on the ice: Stanley skates to championship at 62

March 21, 2014

By Tripp Colonell
There aren’t many 62-year-olds playing ice hockey against 20-year-olds still in their prime. In fact, there aren’t many 62-year-olds that are playing the physically demanding sport of ice hockey at all. But not only is Selbyville resident Lee Stanley still lacing up his skates and heading out on the ice, he’s still helping his team win tournament championships.

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